Friday, 3 June 2016

Father’s Day 2016 | Dad Deserves More!

Where would we be without Dads... late night taxi service from the club, constant dispensing of cash on demand, dealing with all kinds of DIY emergencies to name but a few thankless tasks. Then to top it all off Mum get's all the credit for being the best parent.  We feel your pain Dads! 

When it comes to buying him gifts then there’s only so many times he can say “oh yeah.... socks, just what I needed!” So this year at Maia Gifts we've decided to give you all a helping hand when it comes to making Dad feel a bit special this Father’s Day. 

We have put together some of our favourite Dad inspired gifts to help prevent you from a panic dash to the local supermarket for a rubbish card and a cheap pack of beer.... we've all been there! So whether your Dad loves to be super busy or just loves the good life then there is definitely something here for him!

Even if Dad's DIY skills are questionable there's no denying we'd be lost without him! So this Fathers Day why not help the man out with some new trendy gadgets? Here at Maia Gifts we have the Wooden Hammer Multi-Tool, ideal for the minimalist joiner as well the checklist when it comes to the DIY man's tool shed! A must need for Dads tool shed as follows: Desktop Planter, Wooden Alarm Clock, Storm Glass,  and not forgetting The Shed book and a cold glass of wine thanks to Chill Stick Wine Pour. We told we had everything covered guys!

Here at Maia Gifts we have something for every dad whether he’s a wine connoisseur, cocktail lover, whiskey expert or even a tea-totaller!

For the wine connoisseur we offer the finest gadgets and gismos! With our Host Chill Cooling Pour Spout Dad will never have to worry about another glass of lukewarm Moscow Mule ever again! And speaking of Moscow Mule, fill the air with subtle hints of ginger and lime to really capture the true Russian cocktail with our Vineyard Candles Moscow Mule Candle. After all that wine, Dad may find it hard to finish the bottle but we’ve come up with a Father’s Day solution! Treat him to a Light Up Bottle Stop to help him find his way back to the wine if he happens to get the thirst again.

When someone says Dad and whisky in the same sentence we think of Mad Men’s Don Draper so this Father’s Day give your Dad some class and style with these stunning Faceted Tumblers to really make him know just how much of a first class Da he really is! With a fine whisky and stunning tumblers your old man’s not going to what a watered down drink is he? No need to worry we got you covered! These Whisky Stones with Bag are a man’s best friend. Simply place the stones in the freezer for an hour or two to chill then pop into his drink. No water, no worry!

Dad's Sunday Best!

Being a Dad is hard work! You think it’s easy dealing with your kids’ mood swings not to mention your wife’s mood swings too! This Father’s Day let him put his feet up and relax with these Sunday Socks cause hey it wouldn’t be father’s day without a pair of socks right? The weekend wouldn’t be the same without a big cup of coffee so provide your dad with a brand new mug with our Lisa Donati Range, pick from Dad yer a Legend to Pure Dad Brilliant. With his new socks and new mug, it means he can sit back and relax with How It Works: The Dad book which is sure to give him a good laugh!

Jet Setting Dad!

After all those years raising you into the amazing person you are, Dad may have missed out on some big adventures so go on and inspire your jet setting Dad with our ‘worldly’ gifts. Let Dad bring his adventures home by giving him a Scratch Map World Poster to make down all his travels or better yet give him a Light Up 10’ World Globe to sit in his man cave! That’s sure to give him the travel bug!

We know what Dads are like when it comes to asking for directions so we’ve decided to include our Nautical Compass Keyring just in case he gets a bit lost on his adventures. For all those awkward family holiday selfies, why not make it a little bit less awkward with this Wide Angle Lens Clip where everyone can know how their own space in the photo. When it comes to Dad travelling essentials we have a few pointers to help. World Map Passport Holder and our World Map Luggage Tag will help Dad keep calm and collected at the airport knowing everything he needs is there. If your Dads freaking out at the airport there’s a good chance he’s got everything organised for the holiday so he’ll no doubt want to write down the inventory for the whole family and he can do so with our Travel Journal which he can also use to document his fun times away. We all know the struggle of trying to fit in with the locals so we’ve come to the rescue this Father’s Day to offer all Dads with the Instant Irish Accent Gum, here’s hoping he doesn’t start doing Father Ted impressions!

After all that travelling, you’ll Dad will probably want to show you all his great adventures including one picture of your mum falling over at some point so help him do so by providing him with the cinema experience of a Smartphone Projector which means the whole family can sit back and have a good old laugh at mum face planting it into the sandy beach of Benidorm! With great holiday pictures comes the great task of uploading them to Facebook. However why not let Dad do so in luxury with our Wood Tablet Lap Desk which allows Dad to sit back and relax in comfort on his tablet whether it’s for pleasure, work or even the football!

This is just a small glimpse into what we have to offer amazing Dads this Father’s Day, check out our Father’s Day section on our website or even better pop into our store in Glasgow and say hi! We all love our Dads and are thankful for everything they do however we sometimes don’t always say it so this Father’s Day give Dad all the love he truly deserves because Dads need love too guys!

We’ll be working extra hard to make each and every Dad feel special Sunday 19th June by providing you all with the best gifts to give your outstanding Dad however it’s down to you all to make him feel just that wee bit appreciated. To Dad’s everywhere Happy Father’s Day and don’t forget it’s your day to tell bad jokes all day with no complaining!

Gifts for Dad - Father's Day 2016

Gifts for Dad - Father's Day 2016



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