Wednesday, 21 October 2015

GREAT SCOTT MARTY! It's Back To The Future Day!


21st October 2015! 

For anyone lucky enough to grow up with Back To The Future, today is probably the best day to dig out the trilogy and binge on Marty McFly and Doc Brown. To celebrate, we're dusting off our bodywarmers and high tops, blasting some Huey Lewis and the News and getting to our nearest 3D showing of Jaws.

From Bottom Left Clockwise: Metal Garage Sign, Smartphone Projector , Guitar Pizza Cutter, Bacon Flavour Toothpaste, 80s Music Triva Game 

Check out some of our super retro-futuristic products. We're IN the future! Get peace while working on your DeLorean! Watch anything from your smartphone projected by simple cardboard and clever engineering. You can brush your teeth with bacon flavour toothpaste (yeah we don't know why anyone thought we needed it either, but it's the future). Slice and dice that rehydrated pizza with the guitar pizza cutter - but remember, people of the past aren't ready for solos yet. Test your musical knowledge with the 80s music trivia game!

Sadly we don't have any hoverboards in stock (too many staff injuries) but we DO have some brilliant products that get us into the spirit before the inevitable marathon begins. 

Here's a message from the Doc himself! Happy Back To The Future Day!

Remember - don't be a Biff.