Sunday, 12 March 2017

World's Best Mum...Like Ever! [Mother's Day 2017]

Sunday's are a day for relaxing and treating yourself to some downtime right? Well not on Sunday 26th March! Yep, it's Mother's day again, so instead of the typical card and flowers why not treat Mum to something a little bit special. Here at Maia we have packed our store full of goodies, too many goodies actually, and this is a few of the wonderful gifts we have to offer those amazing Mum's out there!

World's Best Mum!

We all think our Mum's the best in the world, and to us she really is, so why not tell her with an item from our 'World's Best Mum' collection.

Thinking of treating mum to an afternoon tea but dread the idea of battling the crowds for scones and jam? Well, why not bring afternoon tea to your home! With our Amazing Mum Milk Jug, World's Best Mum Mug and World's Best Mum Ceramic Tray you can create your own special afternoon tea and spend some quality time together all in the comfort of your home.

Here at Maia we believe it's the little things that make all the difference. Just by adding a wee something to your main gift shows an extra thought has gone into making that person feel special. You could pick something like the cute chrome KeyringCompact Mirror or how about a practical  Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth crowning her as the world's best mum. Not that mum will be doing any cleaning that day right!!

For Laughs!

We can't forget our famous Lisa Donati mugs which are sure to give Mum a wee laugh, especially these little beautys Geez Peace Mug |  'Mazin Mammy Mug'. Not forgetting dear old Gran there's a mug for her too... Ma Wee Gran Mug.


I'm sure your Mum wouldn't say no to a wee glass after all the hard-work she does looking after you, so why not give her a wine glass that sum's up her day with our 'Small Glass Mum's Glass' Wine Glass  which is sure to give her laugh (no matter how true it is!).

On Trend Mumma

If your Mum's always keeping up with the latest trends why not treat her to our 'Starry Nights Scarf'  . It's not only a beautiful scarf that's been a winner in-store, star constellations are a huge trend this year and so she'll be kept bang up-to-date! The 'Silk Feathers Scarf' pictured below is also a great popular option.

If your Mum's always keeping up with the latest trends why not treat her to our stunning in trend 'Be Awesome Cushion' as well as our 'Tea Time Me Time' Tea Set, allowing Mum to truly relax in style. Monochrome with a touch of gold sparkle is another trend that she'll love that's big this year. A personal favourite is this tea-box, a fab trendy way to keep all your favourite tea-bags organised, assuming Mum likes tea of course!

Quality Fragranced Oil Candles

Simple yet heavenly scented Candles all featuring a special message to Mum's, Gran's and Nana's make a fab gift, bringing the finest fragranced oils into the home.

Melt Her Heart

Mother Wish Bottle
Now we all know how sentimental Mum's can be and with our beautiful 'Country chic Me & Mum Frame' there's no way Mum will be able to hold back her tears if you pop a photo of a cherished memory inside (you'll get brownie points for that too!).

We thought it would be nice to give our Mums their own 'Message in a Bottle', especially as we often see our Mums as our personal guardian angel. This beautifully painted angel wing wish bottle has a wee scroll for you to write your own memory, poem or message in a bottle.

Mum's Bling!

Heart Of Gold Bracelet

Always Mum Charm Bangle

Real Flower Jewellery

Marvellous Mum Bracelet
Double Bar Necklace
Whether your mum loves glittery bling or stunning understated pieces we have it all here at Maia Gifts. We're seeing double the beauty with this Double Shiny Bar Necklace which is ideal for a simple yet eye catching piece for the 'Contemporary' look. If your Mum is all about the classic beauty this keepsake 'Always Mum Butterfly Charm Bangle', with its detailed scripture and delicate rose gold butterfly charm making it a piece she'll always treasure. Now I know we said we'll avoid flowers but how about we put a twist on it? Say real flower jewellery? Yes real flowers! We have a huge variety to chose from, between our 'Forget-Me-Not' range to our 'Mixed Flowers' range and everything else in-between, we'll have the perfect flower for the perfect Mum. Last but not least our brand new and show stopping 'Gold Heart Box Pendent' from Christin Ranger.

This stunning piece of art is enough to get Mum off your back for a while with detailed writing inside and its 18 carat gold plated heart, it truly is the only gift to give the one person in your life with a heart of gold!

Its not hard selecting a few special gifts for Mum as Maia Gifts is a treasure trove full of wonderful gifts for mothers, gran's, carers and anyone else you have to be thankful for! We hope you've found what you're looking for, and if you haven't then pop in store and see what else we have for all those special ladies who make your life that much happier. And to all those Mums and Mum like figures out there we'd like to wish you a Happy Mother's Day, you truly do deserve the best!

Monday, 30 January 2017

Calling all love birds! It's that time of year again where the sun shines a little brighter, the birds sing a little sweeter and you're overwhelmed with love for that special someone. Sure they can be a pain in the ass at times but isn't that what love is?! So go on and surprise your cherished one with something a little different this Valentine's Day. Here at Maia we have hand-picked the sweetest (and sometimes funniest) gifts that we believe will go down a treat this February 14th.

For your Juliet:

Maia is filled with cute and sentimental gifts so you can't really go wrong in our little gem of a store however getting it right can be hard so we thought we'd highlight a few of our favourites just for you lucky customers! Why not go traditional this valentine's day with our range of 'Beemine Candle Sets'. Fill the air with the smell of sweet floral roses, all with the knowledge that 3% of the profits from Beemine go to conserving the bee population. Now that's sharing your love with the world! Speaking of rose's we have a wonderful collection of real flower jewellery, yes real flowers! Nothing says your undying love to that special someone than our “Long Stem Rose Necklace”, a miniature rose placed in resin to ensure it remains as perfect as the day you got it. Now roses are romantic and all but can be slightly outdated for the modern woman so why not present her with a Katie Loxton 'Love Love Love'Heringbone scarf which will be a sweet reminder all year round of how much you really value her. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and that means sometimes the smallest gifts can have the most meaning and that's true for our “Love Wish Bottle” which allows you to write a message to your sweetheart this valentine's making it completely unique and heartfelt (and gives you bonus points with the Miss!).

For the Romeos:

Yes, even men like being reminded how loved they are and what better time to tell them than valentines. So on valentine's morning why not serve him his morning cup of coffee in one of  our best selling Lisa Donati Mugs. You can select from the loving“  Partner in Crime” to the more tongue in cheek “Fannybaws” mug (cause after all he is your little fannybaws). Sometimes simple is best, so why not simply say it with this “Together is my favourite place” cushion, will make perfect edition to the living room or bedroom (keep it clean people!). Now valentine's day usually features cuddly toys however this year we're giving it a superhero touch our range of Itty Bittys, especially our 'Yoda Itty Bitty' because after all your love for him really is out of this world. Now it wouldn't be valentine's at Maia without a wee bit of humour which leads us to our Hot Stuff Grow Own Chilli's” for your own hot stuff of a man (well he was when he had hair at least..).Valentine's Day (where they have to just suck it up and accept your declaration of love no matter how cheesy it is!).

 Party at Singleton

Valentine's day isn't just for the couples, its a day to love yourself and treat yourself to something special regardless if you're a single Pringle! So get the girl's around to enjoy a night of movies and drinks with the guest appearance of our Drinking Buddies Drink Markers, now that's our kinda guy! We get that everybody is treating their significant others however whose more significant than yourself! So go ahead and treat yourself to something a little different this valentines day with our selection of funky lamps such as our Orgiami Dinosaur Lamp, a sure way to brighten up your day. Valentine's can also be a day of reflection for what you really want in life so why not take that step towards self discovery with our “52 Lists of Happiness” to help bring the focus back to you cause in the words of RuPual...”If you can't love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!”

Now that is just a glimpse into all the wonderful and delightful products we have in our store at the moment and with more and more coming in each day you'll be spoiled for choice! So whether its 'lovey dovey' or 'we don't do valentine's day', we have a gift for everyone. Come and have a peak for yourself and let Maia's little cupids point you in the right direction.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas is in the Decorations!

Dark nights. Frosty Mornings. Cinnamon infused hot drinks. Think its fair to say the festive season has finally arrived! So here at Maia we thought we'd show you what we've got in store (quite literally!) for Christmas 2016 when it comes to decorating your home for the happy holidays!

Whether you're a Traditional Elf or Sparkly Mrs Claus, we have a little something for each and every home this Christmas. So go on and have a look at what we've got for you and make your home just a little bit more magical this year.

Copper And Geometric Chic:
Copper has been everywhere this year so why not incorporate it into your home this Christmas. Our copper baubles are ideal for the on trend fashion guru whose home is an outward expression of their own banging style! With a mixture of our copper wire hanging decorations such as the stunning Star Wire decoration to our trendy Diamond Bauble, it may be harder than you think to pick a favourite! If wire decorations aren't your thing but copper still is our Copper Scalloped Bauble may be the one for you. Now that you have your tree looking 'FABULOUS', its time to draw your focus on the other little bits and bobs to complete your 'Copper Crimbo' home. With the chilly weather comes the use of candles (saves on the heating bills right?!) so add a little touch of chic with our selection of rotaries from Angels to Deers both available in warm copper. And last but not least our best selling Copper String Lights create that simplistic yet stunning glow for all fashion gurus!

Tradition is Best:
Go on and make granny proud this festive season by hanging up the homely decorations! Why not check out our Bear in Scarf collection and give this little fella a home this holiday? Choose from our Bear Scarf Bauble, Bear in Scarf Xmas Sign and not to mention the plenty more we have in store! And you can't forget our Festive Mice Standing Decoration which is sure to be a favourite among the kids. Continue on the Christmas magic with our 25th December Sack, an ideal sack to keep all those prezzies safe and to keep the kids guessing (and the adults too!) right up until Christmas day. Nothing screams Christmas more than snowglobes and here at Maia we're all about the snowglobes, from our Santa Snowflake Snowglobe to our Wonderland Angel Snowglobes. So go and embrace traditional this year and remember...Granny would be so proud!!

Girly Magic:
Christmas is all about the glitz and glam and if that sounds like you then we've got the perfect decorations just for you! So if you're looking for something a little subtle but still just as fabulous as you then have a wee peak at our Pink Fantasy Bauble, a simply yet eye-catching bauble which is sure to make an appearance each and every Christmas! Now when we said glitz we meant glitz! So redefine the idea of a 'Christmas bauble' with these stunning 'Oh So Pretty' baubles which are available in six different designs. Think we can agree these are baubles we want to keep up all year round, am I right? Here at Maia we love quirky and nothing gets more quirkier than our Fairytale Frog Decoration or our My Little Horsey Decoration, both bringing a little bit of magic to your Christmas tree this year.

Simple Classics:
The classics never go out of fashion so this year we thought we'd help you add to your classics with a few of our own. From our range of Stag Baubles with their elegant touch of gold glitter and wooden cut outs to our stunning Winter Blizzard Bauble crafted from fine clear glass and delicately decorated with silver glitter allowing it to bring a sparkle to your home. Metallics are a great way to keep your home looking bright and shimmery this season with little effort, as you can see from our Metallic Tree Decoration to our Snowman Rotary . We believe everything should look simply stunning this Christmas and that includes the stockings too! So keep the classics by having this beautiful Little One's White Stocking hung on the fireplace this 25th December for your little one to enjoy!

So this festive season lets get into the Christmas mood! Stick on your Christmas jumper, blast the Christmas tunes and let's get our homes ready for Santa Claus! It's never too early to be excited for Christmas right?!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Back to School - Start in Style!

Summer hasn't treated us too well this year with the sun only making limited appearances and, at times, record breaking rainfall has left us all feeling rather damp, but no matter the weather, the summer holidays are still a great time in your young life. 

As thoughts now turn towards the inevitable return to school for a new year, preparations are already well underway in most households to gear up for the big day. For some parents that day just can't come soon enough!

At the beginning of the new year we all return to school full of hope and great intentions to stay focused on studies and to work hard to achieve good things. At Maia we have put together a great collection of Bags, Stationery and Cool Stuff to get you off to the best possible start! 

We believe that looking good and being prepared are vital ingredients in making sure you achieve your best! So check out our collection of must-have goodies...

Fail to prepare.. prepare to fail! Make sure your day goes to plan with our clever stationery items. From fun and quirky post-it notes to magnetic dry erase boards, there will be something in our collection to suit your style.                                                             
Have a look at our full range of Stationery!

What you keep your stationery in can be just as important! Check out our collection of Pencil Cases to find your perfect solution.

The brain needs to be well fuelled to function so lunchtime is just as important as maths class. So get yourself these lunch essentials to keep your energy and concentration on track! 

And perhaps the most important item for starting the new school year right? The bag, of course! Whether you prefer a backpack or a satchel style, you're bound to meet your perfect match in our bag collection!

This beautiful dreamy rucksack from our Santoro collection will keep you inspired even in those subjects you don't enjoy so much! With handy side pockets and zipped compartments to keep your books, pencil case and other essentials secure and in order.

We all know that the learning doesn't stop when the school day is over - homework is most definitely to be expected! Create the best environment to get your work done by adding some fun touches to your space. We love these Fabric Cacti, a great idea for cactus lovers who don't have to worry about watering their plants!

Eric the Memo Elephant is also on hand to remind you of your homework to-do list. Supplied with a pen and a cloth you can make staying organised fun, and add some animal charm to your desk too!

We hope we have inspired you to get ready to start the new school year in the best possible way! See the items featured here and many more on our website

Here's to another few weeks of summer - and hopefully some sun too! :)

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Father’s Day 2016 | Dad Deserves More!

Where would we be without Dads... late night taxi service from the club, constant dispensing of cash on demand, dealing with all kinds of DIY emergencies to name but a few thankless tasks. Then to top it all off Mum get's all the credit for being the best parent.  We feel your pain Dads! 

When it comes to buying him gifts then there’s only so many times he can say “oh yeah.... socks, just what I needed!” So this year at Maia Gifts we've decided to give you all a helping hand when it comes to making Dad feel a bit special this Father’s Day. 

We have put together some of our favourite Dad inspired gifts to help prevent you from a panic dash to the local supermarket for a rubbish card and a cheap pack of beer.... we've all been there! So whether your Dad loves to be super busy or just loves the good life then there is definitely something here for him!

Even if Dad's DIY skills are questionable there's no denying we'd be lost without him! So this Fathers Day why not help the man out with some new trendy gadgets? Here at Maia Gifts we have the Wooden Hammer Multi-Tool, ideal for the minimalist joiner as well the checklist when it comes to the DIY man's tool shed! A must need for Dads tool shed as follows: Desktop Planter, Wooden Alarm Clock, Storm Glass,  and not forgetting The Shed book and a cold glass of wine thanks to Chill Stick Wine Pour. We told we had everything covered guys!

Here at Maia Gifts we have something for every dad whether he’s a wine connoisseur, cocktail lover, whiskey expert or even a tea-totaller!

For the wine connoisseur we offer the finest gadgets and gismos! With our Host Chill Cooling Pour Spout Dad will never have to worry about another glass of lukewarm Moscow Mule ever again! And speaking of Moscow Mule, fill the air with subtle hints of ginger and lime to really capture the true Russian cocktail with our Vineyard Candles Moscow Mule Candle. After all that wine, Dad may find it hard to finish the bottle but we’ve come up with a Father’s Day solution! Treat him to a Light Up Bottle Stop to help him find his way back to the wine if he happens to get the thirst again.

When someone says Dad and whisky in the same sentence we think of Mad Men’s Don Draper so this Father’s Day give your Dad some class and style with these stunning Faceted Tumblers to really make him know just how much of a first class Da he really is! With a fine whisky and stunning tumblers your old man’s not going to what a watered down drink is he? No need to worry we got you covered! These Whisky Stones with Bag are a man’s best friend. Simply place the stones in the freezer for an hour or two to chill then pop into his drink. No water, no worry!

Dad's Sunday Best!

Being a Dad is hard work! You think it’s easy dealing with your kids’ mood swings not to mention your wife’s mood swings too! This Father’s Day let him put his feet up and relax with these Sunday Socks cause hey it wouldn’t be father’s day without a pair of socks right? The weekend wouldn’t be the same without a big cup of coffee so provide your dad with a brand new mug with our Lisa Donati Range, pick from Dad yer a Legend to Pure Dad Brilliant. With his new socks and new mug, it means he can sit back and relax with How It Works: The Dad book which is sure to give him a good laugh!

Jet Setting Dad!

After all those years raising you into the amazing person you are, Dad may have missed out on some big adventures so go on and inspire your jet setting Dad with our ‘worldly’ gifts. Let Dad bring his adventures home by giving him a Scratch Map World Poster to make down all his travels or better yet give him a Light Up 10’ World Globe to sit in his man cave! That’s sure to give him the travel bug!

We know what Dads are like when it comes to asking for directions so we’ve decided to include our Nautical Compass Keyring just in case he gets a bit lost on his adventures. For all those awkward family holiday selfies, why not make it a little bit less awkward with this Wide Angle Lens Clip where everyone can know how their own space in the photo. When it comes to Dad travelling essentials we have a few pointers to help. World Map Passport Holder and our World Map Luggage Tag will help Dad keep calm and collected at the airport knowing everything he needs is there. If your Dads freaking out at the airport there’s a good chance he’s got everything organised for the holiday so he’ll no doubt want to write down the inventory for the whole family and he can do so with our Travel Journal which he can also use to document his fun times away. We all know the struggle of trying to fit in with the locals so we’ve come to the rescue this Father’s Day to offer all Dads with the Instant Irish Accent Gum, here’s hoping he doesn’t start doing Father Ted impressions!

After all that travelling, you’ll Dad will probably want to show you all his great adventures including one picture of your mum falling over at some point so help him do so by providing him with the cinema experience of a Smartphone Projector which means the whole family can sit back and have a good old laugh at mum face planting it into the sandy beach of Benidorm! With great holiday pictures comes the great task of uploading them to Facebook. However why not let Dad do so in luxury with our Wood Tablet Lap Desk which allows Dad to sit back and relax in comfort on his tablet whether it’s for pleasure, work or even the football!

This is just a small glimpse into what we have to offer amazing Dads this Father’s Day, check out our Father’s Day section on our website or even better pop into our store in Glasgow and say hi! We all love our Dads and are thankful for everything they do however we sometimes don’t always say it so this Father’s Day give Dad all the love he truly deserves because Dads need love too guys!

We’ll be working extra hard to make each and every Dad feel special Sunday 19th June by providing you all with the best gifts to give your outstanding Dad however it’s down to you all to make him feel just that wee bit appreciated. To Dad’s everywhere Happy Father’s Day and don’t forget it’s your day to tell bad jokes all day with no complaining!

Gifts for Dad - Father's Day 2016

Gifts for Dad - Father's Day 2016



Wine bucket

Bar tool

Camera Shaped Hipflask