Friday, 7 November 2014

2014 MTV EMA Awards

The music world arrives in Glasgow this Sunday for the 20th Anniversary of the MTV European Music Awards. The show kicks off at 8pm local time and welcomes a whole host of A-list stars including Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Slash, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris ... the list goes on! 

The impressive Hydro Arena is honoured to hold such an important music event and everyone in the city is fighting to get their hands on some tickets.

Glasgow is known for being a top UK shopping destination and we like to think that if the music superstars were to hit the town then they would definitely stop by Maia. So we got thinking. If any of the EMA nominees or presenters were to wander on down our pretty little steps on Bath Street - once we got over the excitement - which Maia gift could we present them with?

Here is a list of our favourite gifts that we think would be perfect for the music icons ... 

First up, hostess with the 'mostess' Nicki Minaj. When Nicki graces the stage this Sunday millions of viewers across the world will probably share a similar thought:

Oh my gosh, look at her butt. 

This quirky card really does say it all Nicki.
 Nice Ass Card 

Next up, pop sensation Taylor Swift. Taylor just can't seem to shake off those bad boy relationships. So we thought that our Stay Away From Assholes Soap would be a great reminder for Taylor to steer clear of the celebrity romances. Those assholes just aren't worth it.

2014 saw Ariana Grande burst onto the music scene. However it seems that despite her catchy single, Ariana does indeed have one more problem. It seems that the pop princess has let fame get the best of her with reports of backstage diva behaviour. Rather than fight it we think Ariana should embrace it. After all, acting like a diva is just part of the job! How perfect is this She Who Must Be Obeyed Wine Glass for Ariana? Who knows after her EMA performance she could use it to enjoy a lovely glass of Glasgow's finest Buckfast Tonic Wine.

She Who Must Be Obeyed Glass

Ah Pharrell. Ok this might cause some controversy. As much as we love Pharrell and lets face it who doesn't? The man is the definition of cool. We think that it may be time for a different look. As happy as that hat makes us it would be nice for Pharrell to mix it up a bit. With that in mind we present to you this handy little pack of party hats to try out. Who knows maybe the pirate look will be the next fashion trend! 
Arguably the greatest pop performer of all time, Beyonce, is up for three awards, nominated for Best US Act, Best Live Act and Best Female.

I'm sure like most of us the music superstar has started to think about her Christmas shopping. What could you possibly get husband Jay Z that he doesn't already have?

We know!

Since Bey is the official Queen B of Music, we thought it might be nice for Jay to experience - just for a day - what it's like to be on the same level as his Mrs. So we figure this inflatable crown is the perfect present for the hip hop legend.
These are just a few of the fabulous gifts we have in store and online. Slash, Ozzy if you are feeling left out don't worry pop by Maia and I am sure we can sort something out! 

If you manage to get to the event here in Glasgow or watch it on the TV then we hope you are as excited as we are to see the celebs strut their stuff on the night and enjoy some tearful award winner speeches. I am off to stalk Enrique! Bye for now!