Wednesday, 21 October 2015

GREAT SCOTT MARTY! It's Back To The Future Day!


21st October 2015! 

For anyone lucky enough to grow up with Back To The Future, today is probably the best day to dig out the trilogy and binge on Marty McFly and Doc Brown. To celebrate, we're dusting off our bodywarmers and high tops, blasting some Huey Lewis and the News and getting to our nearest 3D showing of Jaws.

From Bottom Left Clockwise: Metal Garage Sign, Smartphone Projector , Guitar Pizza Cutter, Bacon Flavour Toothpaste, 80s Music Triva Game 

Check out some of our super retro-futuristic products. We're IN the future! Get peace while working on your DeLorean! Watch anything from your smartphone projected by simple cardboard and clever engineering. You can brush your teeth with bacon flavour toothpaste (yeah we don't know why anyone thought we needed it either, but it's the future). Slice and dice that rehydrated pizza with the guitar pizza cutter - but remember, people of the past aren't ready for solos yet. Test your musical knowledge with the 80s music trivia game!

Sadly we don't have any hoverboards in stock (too many staff injuries) but we DO have some brilliant products that get us into the spirit before the inevitable marathon begins. 

Here's a message from the Doc himself! Happy Back To The Future Day!

Remember - don't be a Biff.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

WIN Freshers Fortnight Offers and Competition!

It's that time of year: Freshers Fortnight!

For many this is an exciting experience that includes being away from home for the first time. For those new to the city, welcome to Glasgow! It can be overwhelming, so we at Maia Gifts think that YOU should be able to win a Student Survival Pack! Like and share us on Facebook to be entered into the competition. Until then, you have 20% off our stock with a valid student ID in our store until the 27th September, and 10% off the rest of the year! Hooray! Click on the banner below to visit our Facebook page!

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Home Comforts

Get comfortable with your tablet or laptop with our range of iBeds, making it easier to work away from your desk in comfort. We feel that nothing quite makes us feel better than throwing ourselves back into bed. Make the experience that much more comfortable with our cushions, and create your fluffy cloud-like haven, while effortlessly decorating like a boss. Creating your happy place can be even easier when it smells better than your flatmates. We have a huge range of scented candles and reed diffusers to make your slice of paradise stay that way - and hide the dirty laundry when your family come to visit.

I Like You, Spectacular Unicorn, Heroes and Villains, Dino Hug, Pugtato Cushions
Heather & Wild Berries, Blue Jasmine Candles
Reed Diffuser

Fanny Baws Mug

Here Fur Thu Banter

If you're new to the city, perhaps learning the lingo will break you in. The drinks are generally served in pints, your carbs will usually come with carbs, and there's a surprising lack of deep fried Mars Bars. Probably for the best. Show everyone you're on board with the banter with your Scottish Phrase Mug - not limited to hot drinks, wink wink. We also have Scottish bags to show everyone you know how to do yer shoppin' properly, and coasters with the Duke to keep your table stain-free (and protecting that deposit on your flat).

Batboy Yer Ma Wee Pal Print

Alternative to Posters

Display Scottish artwork in your room to boast that you know the lingo better than anyone else. Our Batboy prints are a classy and funny addition to any bedroom. These prints are also available as cards, tote bags and mugs! Did you know that Batman and Robin were from Glasgow? We didn't either.

Water Vodka Bottle

Stay Hydrated

While you're avoiding the junk food and going to the gym (all that will power, wow), keep them guessing between classes and workouts with our Water/Vodka Bottle. When you're finished pretending to be healthy, whip out some jelly shots and be the life of the party. Get creative and make cocktail flavoured shots. We tried beer ones - not recommended unless you like yeasty desserts.

I Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measurer
Hungover Cookbook

R2 D2 Egg Cup
Fixie Pizza Cutter

Student Kitchen Essentials

We believe that even if you're going to be eating a lot of frozen pizza and plain pasta while you wait for your student loan to come in, you should be able to do it in style with our Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter for poppin' wheelies on your pepperoni (mad skillz yo) and our I Could Eat a Horse Pasta Measurer. We even have recipe bookscrazy crockery and glasses galore for your individual kitchen needs. Happy belly, happy mind!

From high-tech to low-tech, we have you covered. We have a range of satchels, bags and notebooks to keep you stylish and organised.
Ornithological Satchel

Whatever your style, university and college can open all kinds of doors, (for me it was mostly the student union if I'm honest), and you should be prepared. Check out our stock online and come in and chat to us! We'd love to hear how you're getting on, and are always happy to help you find what you need.

And now...


Student Survival Pack

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Here is what you can win in our Student Survival Pack Competition:

I Could Eat a Horse, Mince n Tatties Plate, Hungover Cookbook, Water Vodka Bottle, Pizza Cutter

Just click the image, LIKE and SHARE us on Facebook, and we'll announce the winner after the 27th September!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sparkle this Summer

Here at Maia we are delighted at the arrival of summer, and we have loads of new arrivals instore and online that we wanted to share with you!

Titanium and Bamboo Radio Alarm Clock

Light Mornings

Wake up to the sounds of summer with this stylish radio alarm clock. 

We love the light mornings, and it is definitely easier to get out of bed when the sun is already up, but we have to admit sometimes we still need a little help! 

Programme your favourite feel-good radio station into this clever Alarm Clock and you will be dancing and singing yourself into the shower and beyond!

In Bloom Daisy Make Up Bag

Once you are feeling awake and fresh as a daisy, your next port of call could be this beautifully feminine Daisy Make Up Bag!

With a lovely sophisticated colour scheme and a design inspired by vintage seed packets, this beautiful case has a secure zip closure and is the perfect size for holding your daily make up essentials.

The shape and size also make this case ideal for carrying in your handbag for any touch ups you might need during the day. If you are lucky you will need to reapply your lips after a yummy ice cream cone!

Woodland Jewellery Stand

Once you are ready to face the day, don't forget to accessorise with some of your favourite jewellery!

Pick out the pieces you fancy wearing from this beautiful Wooden Jewellery Stand, designed to look like a bird resting in the grass under a leafy tree.

Beautiful jewellery deserves to be displayed beautifully, and this stunning wooden stand will do even your most precious jewels justice. It will also help chain tangles become a thing of the past, which as many women would agree, can radically improve your quality of life!

Picnics In The Park

Budgie Dress

When it's lovely outside you don't want to spend ages selecting different pieces to put together a sun-suitable outfit. These gorgeous vintage-inspired dresses are perfect for those days when you want to be comfortable and cute.

The Budgie Print Dress is our current favourite, it's so versatile and looks just as good with simple or no accessorising as it does worn with your loudest jewellery and most colourful shoes!

Flamingo Flask
Pheasant Satchel

Grab the picnic basket, food always tastes better enjoyed in the sunshine!

Of course no respectable picnic would be complete without a nice cup of tea, so don't forget your thermos flask to keep your brew nice and hot.

We are loving Clippers Green Tea, and there are plenty of fruity varieties perfect for the summer time. We barely leave the house without our flask and at least a few teabags!

Most of us are guilty of choosing dark and 'safe' accessories, but the summertime is the perfect time to inject some colour into your life! This eye-catching satchel features a gorgeous Pheasant print on the bright pink cover. Less is more? Not when it comes to Pheasants!

A Drink In The Beer Garden

Wander Scarf
Whether you have a full day to enjoy the weather, or only an hour or two after a day at work, one of our favourite sunny day hangouts is the beer garden. While away a whole afternoon catching some rays and catching up with friends, or pop down after a hard day’s toil to unwind and enjoy some outdoor time.
As the evening creeps in and the temperature cools off, you won’t want to be without an extra layer, and carrying a scarf is a great space-saving option. This gorgeous Feather Print Scarf is big enough to wrap around your shoulders.

When it’s your turn to buy the round, having a purse that puts a smile on your face can make the experience a more enjoyable one. Our favourites at the moment are these Illustrated Wallets, one featuring a pretty kitty cat smelling the flowers, and the other showing a family of birds building a nest. The detailing of these wallets is simply gorgeous, and there are plenty of compartments inside for your cash and cards!
Birds Nest Wallet

Summer Nights

In our experience a wonderful afternoon in the sun can make us wish the day would never end. For those times when you are already ‘Out’ and you decide to go ‘Out Out’, we have some great accessories that will keep that summer feeling alive long after the sun has set!

Forget big, bulky handbags. For a good night out you don’t want to be worrying about lugging around a whole heap of your possessions. Pick out what you are really going to need and enjoy the freedom afforded by carrying a clutch bag.

Small in size doesn’t have to mean small in personality, as demonstrated by these eye-catching Clutch Bags. If you feel like donning a little black dress, adding one of these clutches to your outfit will add a little colour and loads of fun!

Ampersand Compact Mirror

Talking of only carrying the essentials, a good compact mirror is definitely something most ladies would consider a must-have. For checking your up-do is still up and that you don’t have lippy on your front teeth, this Ampersand Double Mirror is perfect. And it lets you know you are adorable too.

Toucan Dress

For ladies who love vintage style these 50’s inspired dresses are perfect for day-night transition outfits. This Toucan Dress could be worn to the office during the daytime, to the beer garden after work and then on the dance floor at night time. Keep it work-friendly with some dark tights and a plain cardigan or blazer, and then make it more personal in the evening by adding your favourite accessories and some statement jewellery.

Summer holidays

Of course many of us take the opportunity to travel during the summer months, whether it’s a couple of weeks relaxing abroad or even a few months backpacking before a new job or semester. As much as can be said for travelling light, there are some things that are bound to make your trip go more smoothly, be more enjoyable, and more memorable too.

Wander Travel Wallet

The last thing you want to be doing at the airport or when checking into a hotel after a long journey is rummaging around looking for your passport, holiday money or other important documents. Take the stress out of travel with a multi-compartment Travel Wallet like this one. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, inside there are pockets for all the important stuff, as well as a slot for a pen and a pocket for all the interesting foreign coins that are out there waiting to be collected!

A6 Map Notebook

Travel is one of the most inspiring things we can do, and having a journal is a great way to ensure your ideas and sketches are recorded. You never know when something note-worthy is going to pop into your head! This handy A6 Sized Notebook features a vintage look world map design, and is perfect for recording your adventures.

Daydream Weekender Bag

And if you are only going away for a weekend, there’s no reason not to travel in style. This Daydream Holdall bag is just the right size for a couple of days clothes plus your essentials, plus there is an interior zipped compartment perfect for storing your valuables.

This bag also works perfectly as hand luggage when you are travelling by plane. We love the pattern print and detailing on the front pocket!

We hope you enjoyed our peek at some of our favourite summer accessories. These and many, many more can be found in store and on our website

Now we are off to work on our tans. Ice cream anyone?

Friday, 5 June 2015

He Asked... She Said Yes!! Let's Start Planning!

 Wedding Gifts from Maia Gifts

Wedding season is now upon us and finding a special gift for the Bride and Groom can be very overwhelming.

We have been working hard here at Maia putting together some inspiration boards that we hope will help take away some of the stress searching for the perfect wedding gift.

Here are our top picks for all things wedding.


Just Married HorseShoe
Lucky Sixpence

For the Bride who loves to follow tradition we have a charming selection of gifts for the lucky bride on her wedding day.


Let the happy couple celebrate in style with a beautiful set of elegant champagne flutes. ... Lets raise a glass to the Bride and Groom.

 LSA Garbo Champagne Flutes

These tall flutes are expertly handmade and hand-painted by artisans with gold strip decoration, making them ideal not just for the special day but something that they can enjoy for time to come! 

 Farmhouse Chic Keepsake Photo Box from Maia GiftsKeepsake Wooden Weddign Box from Maia Gifts

Perfect for storing trinkets and keepsakes these wonderful wooden boxes are a stylish way to treasure those wedding memories forever. Make it a special gift by adding a few special items and photos inside! 


Every couple  have that one Wedding photo that they just love. Why not let them showcase it in a beautiful photo frame? With frames to suit every style this is a gift the happy couple will truly cherish forever.


For the newlyweds who like a giggle these quirky cushions will sit well in their lovely home.

I DO..... To Tea...

The morning after the day before.... make the morning brekkie that little bit sweeter with these adorable  Mr & Mrs mugs and egg cups!. How cute!?


These are just some of the gorgeous wedding gifts we have both in store and online. So no matter the style of the wedding or the taste of the couple you are sure to find some great ideas for gifts and decorations to make sure the wedding is truly a special day for all! Visit our online store now to start your planning! Shop Wedding

Monday, 11 May 2015

Gifts for Daddy Bear this Father's Day!

- 21st June 2015 - 

It’s that one day of the year when we celebrate our dear old Dads and treat them to at least 24-hours of feeling special and loved. He’s usually the unsung hero but not on this day! 

But Dads sure are tough to buy for, aren't they? Well with Father's Day just around the corner, we've put together a selection of inspired ideas for fantastic fathers to save you the stress! Shopping for gifts to treat your Daddy Bear has never been easier! 


If your dad likes trendy tech and groovy gadgets we've put together a collection of great gift ideas that will have him buzzing with excitement:

Wooden iBed Tablet Holder (£15.75)
This wooden iBed tablet holder is perfect for treating dad to a nice breakfast with his favourite show. Also available in red, blue, and green too, so you can choose his favourite colour!

Wooden Effect iPhone Cover (£13.25)
Protect his phone in style with this wonderful wooden iPhone 5 case. Crafted from real wood fibre, what better way to fuse technology and the outdoors?

Smartphone Projector (£23.99)
Relax in cinemascope with this great smartphone projector. Pre-assembled, just pop in your phone and hit play to enjoy streaming video live onto your wall, ceiling, or anywhere else!
Why not treat Dad to a great gift and a Netflix night in with his favourite movies?

Outdoor Dad

Prefer streams to streaming? Treks to tablets? Here are some great gift ideas for outdoors Dads that are sure to make him as a very happy bunny:


Fish Flask - Stainless Steel (£23.99)
The perfect accessory for fishing trips, this flask is great for making sure you have a wee nip while the fish have a nibble, why not personalise this great gift with a special engraving:

Tip:How about putting that flask to good use on a fishing or hill walking trip together? Fun way to spend quality time with Dad doing what he loves best!

Multi-tool Keyring (£17.50)
Make sure he's always prepared with this handy hammer multi-tool keyring. With pliers, wire cutters, a bottle opener, screwdriver, and even more, it's a terrific tool! He'll be just like James Bond when it comes to emergency escapes!

Bug Hotel (£14.99)
Encourage creepy crawlies to help pollinate Eco-Dad's flower garden with this great Insect Hotel that contains bug friendly bamboo tubes that they will love to hide in:

Vintage Head Gardener Badge (£3.95)
Green-fingered dads will love this vintage style Head Gardener badge. Let everyone know who's in charge!

Dad Likes a Drink!

If your dad likes a tipple, here are some great ideas to wet your whistle:

Down the Hatch Hip Flask (£29.99)
This fantastic flask is perfect for a cheeky dram, and the nautical design is sleek and stylish. The stainless steel finish is embossed with the text 'Down the Hatch My Old Friend':

Tequila Mockingbird Book (£9.99)
Mix up a masterpiece with Tequila Mockingbird. This literary cocktail recipe book is packed with great ideas and funny book puns: 

Gentleman's Hardware Glasses (19.99)
These trendy whisky glasses are perfect for sampling a dash of aqua vita. With the Half Full / Half Empty design, Dad can sip in style: 

Tip: Why not take Dad along to visit his favorite Whiskey Distillery. Sampling is optional! We like a nice Laphroiag, if you're buying.


Have-a-crack cook or kitchen whizz, if your dad is a real foodie then we've got the ingredients for a great gift:

Eat a Horse Pasta Measure (£6.99)
A rather novel way to get the perfect pasta portion, this I Could Eat A Horse tool is a true test of how hungry your Dad really is: 

Bowler Hat Colander (£8.99)
Drain all those yummy ingredients like a true Brit with this comedy colander. Doubles as a great hat, as long as it's not full of food of course!

Hot Stuff Grow Your Own Chilli (£4.25)
Add a touch of spice to the kitchen with this great Grow Your Own Chilli Pepper kit. Just be sure not to touch those eyes!

Tip: Add some competition to Father's Day by challenging your dad to a Come Dine With Me style cook-off. Best meal wins, loser does the dishes!

Have you seen something you think he'd like? Head over to to order online, or visit our store at 21 Bath Street, Glasgow.

We have a wide range of Father's Day cards to finish off that great gift too!


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After all that shopping you must be hungry! Kick back with a pizza and slice your way to paradise with this brilliant bike pizza cutter - You can win one of three simply by liking our Facebook page. Winners will be chosen at random on the 19 June 2015.